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"Traci's Scarlet Bouquet"

Acrylic, Mixed Media,

40"x60" Gallery wrapped canvas

Dining room in Pelican Bay, Naples, Florida

The bottom edge,  (table) dark navy blue./raw umber mixed with glaze,  painted over a base coat utitlizing many colors in the room. Then I removed it in places to have those colors come through a bit. I kept in mind that you like lines, and like the finished effect. It's a very nice balance to the colors in the boxes.

The  final  red flowers have yellows, oranges and purple added. I used  the cobalt blue to create my greens. I liked the lighter Florida green as the major leaf color. The sample had more dark greens, but with the huge size, I have left them this way. I also dry brushed some teal on top. 

I added some berries and a few more leaves to the left side to break up the three large leaves a bit.

​It also looks interesting from the side as you enter the room, with some added color there. 

I am so happy you like it, and that it is what you had imagined in your space! 

I love the contemporary primary color scheme, and the way the painting  works with the other pieces in your space. 


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Remembering my Friend, Dorry....

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Day #2

LK with the late Dorry C who was the designer of this room

LK paint small sample​, flipped