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"Coastal Currents" by Linda Kegley

Berger Commission

Boynton Beach, Florida

​I worked on your painting for the past five days, and feel that I'm ready to sign it! I do want you to have a look at the "final" photo, as well as the close-ups of the areas that are most interesting. It's difficult to photograph these large painting with layers of paint and textures to give the feeling of the finished piece. I added some more color, and did an over wash of orange and salmon on the bottom sections. I enlarged the sea foam areas a bit, since that was what attracted you to "Coastal Currents. The "grasses are bright green, and look darker on some of the photos.  They are added with a gel, so have some depth. The painting is a blend of the small sample I created, and the other painting you loved. I am planning to glaze the entire painting with glossy UV varnish.

I added some violet, in a few places. I think it adds some interest, and repeats a color in the fish at the top. I am planning to paint the edge with Payne's Grey (dark navy blue). It could also be dark brown or black. Just let me know which you want. I wasn't sure if you had black in your room.

Please let me know what you'd like to name it, and if you are ready for me to "sign" and glaze it.

We could deliver it over to you on Sunday, March 24th or Monday, March 25th. Will either of these days work for you? We'd probably plan on arriving about 3pm.

I hope you love it, and can't wait to see it in your space!


I have been commissioned to create a signature abstract piece to be the focal point of my clients' Living Room in Boynton Beach, Florida. The room is in the photo below, but their new decor features a seafoam green sofa, coral and salmon accents,

and evokes a "beachy" vibe. The gorgeous tray ceiling, moulding in rich white will inspire some white areas, and I plan to put a light, glossy varnish on the finished piece. The inspiration for the palette is my painting  "Coastal Currents."

The piece will be 48" x 60", museum wrapped - with a dark painted edge!