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Finishing :

Further layered the Currents flowing through. I added some interference colors, in the streaming flow, they pick up different colors on their reflections. I put a thin coat of blue/green interference paint on the drizzles.

I sparingly added some gold mica flakes. These are on the right side, top going diagonally, repeating the "flow" and on the top left in several spots. I added a few spots of pearl on the top part of the canvases in strategic places. I think too much will detract from the subtlety of the colors and design of the "flow." Let me know if you want more. 

I will paint the sides With Van Dyke Brown, GOLDEN hue. It's very dark brown. I added a bit of this color in a glaze in a few spots of the "Flow." 

  It is very hard to photograph these layered pieces to give you the full impact. 

Glad you love it. I am very happy with it now. 


The Bell home color palette

The diptych is progressing well, and I have been layering the colors in the more neutral palette and using GOLDEN brand acrylic paints and gels. I blocked out the shapes on day one and  created an underpainting of many colors. I added buff and white layers, and pulled off some of the layer to allow the subtle colors below to show through. I used Paynes gray with white for the grey, light blue tones. 

I wanted the piece to have impact from a distance, and carry the eye upstairs (or down), so I mixed some gel layers with soft gel, and pulled through some micaceous Iron oxide. This will make the flowing area pop, and go well with the bannister and cabinetry in the home. 

Dear Megan and Dave:

Please email me your thoughts and preferences and I will continue.

Email Linda Kegley

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Bell Commission

I have created an abstract contemporary art piece for the stairwell of clients with a young family in the Orlando, FL area. They already have many pieces of my art, and I am excited to transform this area for them.

The two canvases are 24"x48", with a sturdy 2½" side. The side are painted a dark brown, to complement the expresso colored stair railing.