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Art in Interiors

A custom diptych or triptych can incorporate all of the colors of your room, and reflect the light with added micas, metallic painting or gold or silver leaf.

Cocktail Time at Bonita Beach, just before installation  in its new home in 

 Cape Coral, Florida

Captiva Currents, in its new home in

Boynton Beach, Florida

Amalie, a pet commission, in its new home in Lexington, Kentucky

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 
― Pablo Picasso

Ebb Tide in its new home in Louisville, Kentucky

Sea Currents -SOLD

​Few interior projects are complete until the walls have been decorated in a creative and inspiring way. Whatever your personal decor style may be, consider wall art that will complement your design project and add an element of joy. Custom creative art decorating the walls of your home provides the finishing touches necessary to enhance your space. Creating opulence and elegance in any interior is complete when you choose special art and accessories that make the space your own, and speak to your soul. 

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Commission: Naples, FL