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Coming soon...New England ABC's

I have created a new series of paintings that are ABC themed. They are ABC's with State themes, featuring things specific to that state. So far I have created Florida, Kentucky and Texas.  Prints are available on canvas and paper in various sizes.

 Prints are available online, through LK Gallery on FINE ART AMERICA

"Florida ABCs"

 A-alligator, armadillo
B-beach ball, bathing suit, bee
C-cow, crab
D-dolphin, dragonfly
E- egret
F-frog, flower, fish, flamingo
G-golf bag, gecko, golf ball
H-heron, hermit crab
I-inchworm, ice cream
J-jellyfish, (scrub) jay
K-kite, key deer
L-lighthouse lobster
M-mouse, manatee, map
N-nurse shark
O-owl, oranges
P-pelican, palm tree, panther
Q-quail, quilt
R-raccoons, row boat
S-sailfish, seahorse,
     sandhill crane, snail
T-toad, tomato, turtle
U-umbrella, urchin
X- x-ray fish
                  Z-zebra longwing butterfly