Florida Artist Linda Kegley

"Florida in Bloom" 20x40

"Three Posing Puffies" 12x36

"Hawksbill on the Reef" 16x20

"Seahorse Reverie" 12x36


"Seahorse Nativity" 30x40

"In all things of Nature, there is something of the marvelous."


"Fish and Chips" 16x20

"Divine Hitchhiker" 20 x 40

"Miz Manatee" 20x24


Acrylic Painting Creations & Commissions

Palm Harbor, Florida

Creator of "Don't Drink Like a Fish"®  series of paintings

Sea Life & Botanicals

"Chinoiserie Bouquet" 30x40

"Deconstructed Lagoon" 11x14

"Leafy Sea Dragon" 12x36
"Turning Over a New Leaf"

"Traci's Scarlet Bouquet" 40x60

​a commission

Mixed Media