Florida Artist Linda Kegley

I am constantly being told that my images would be great as cocktail napkins, dishes and other bar and household items. 

Art Licensing

Happy Hour

Christmas on the Reef

"Redfish Poker at the Reef Bar"

"BestFINS at the Beach House"

I have over 300 paintings in my Don't Drink Like a Fish" ® series, and continue to create BestFINS and GirlFINS as well. I am a professional, prolific painter, and am also happy to create a commission for your special requests.  Please contact me for more information.

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Acrylic Painting Creations & Commissions

Palm Harbor, Florida

Creator of

"Don't Drink Like a Fish"®  series of paintings

"Falling in Love at the Reef Bar"

"Beachside Blues"

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