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New Joshua Tree Photos

On my easel after Day 4

This composite features the warm sunrise sky, detail on the close up trees, and flowers, including some with detail in the foreground. I used the Filtered Sky photo on the bottom.  I can add some mountains or rocks on the horizon., or the Spirit animal of the Park (coyote) in a hidden place. 

Dear Karen and Scott,

I have at least one coat of paint throughout your entire painting. I needed to change the size of the tree a bit as I couldn't get the proper distance perspective with it larger, partially off the page.  I wanted it to be a complete scene of the area.  When I add other trees, cacti, and flowers in the foreground, as well as mountains in the distance,  you will hopefully feel a vast vista!

I plan to place some mountains, rock formations on the sides, but I am planning to make them fairly small, in the distance. I can lighten the lower sky a bit if you wish. I can also blend in the outlining on the tree if you prefer. I thought this helped it a bit. There are lots of colors in the tree, and about 5 layers so far!

I will be adding more layers of paint and highlights throughout. It looks really nice at night, too!

Please let me know what you think, and I will continue to paint. If you want to stop in to see it, please let me know when is good for you! 


•18"x24" canvas, gallery profile, Blick premiere, 

•Golden Acrylic paints, glazes

•joshua trees, scene from park

•flowers in foreground, found in the park

•rocks or mountains in distance?

•engagement ring incorporated in painting

Reference materials from Joshua Tree

New project is creating a surprise wedding gift commissioned painting  for a  young couple who were engaged at Joshua Tree National Park

Please contact me with feedback! 

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Inspiration Photo for main tree and sky

Commission for Alex and Stephanie