Florida Artist Linda Kegley

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Acrylic Painting Creations & Commissions

Palm Harbor, Florida

Creator of

"Don't Drink Like a Fish"®  series of paintings

Studio in Downtown Dunedin, Florida - 234 Monroe Street

"Little Red at North Beach" 12x16 framed

Honeymoon Island Scenes

Each summer I try to choose something new to paint, and explore new media and themes. The inspiration for this Summer of '18's  is the beautiful Honeymoon Island. It is just across the Dunedin Causeway, and has several different Beaches. The first photos and painting are from a morning walk on North Beach. 

Inspiration was this photo of the beautiful little

reddish egret

I combined these three photos for my painting.....

"Early Morning Shellers" 10x20 framed

at Beach House Gallery