Florida Artist Linda Kegley

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Acrylic Painting Creations & Commissions

Palm Harbor, Florida

Creator of

"Don't Drink Like a Fish"™  series of paintings

Golden Reef- sold

Reef Rendevous II
Acrylic, 20"x40"
Coris wrasse, black spotted sweet lips, copper band angel fish, blue spotted puffer and Moorish idol

 Angels on the Reef - sold
Acrylic, 30" x 40"

Featuring French angel fish, queen angel fish spotted boxfish, banded butterfly fish, school of blue striped grunts, spotted feather duster worm, diamond blenny, giant anemone, ricordia, scarlet-striped cleaning shrimp, social feather duster worm, spotted pufferfish, strawberry grouper, queen triggerfish, grey angelfish (top). All fish and invertebrates found in Caribbean Sea, Florida and Mexico.

Keys Reef Encounter - sold
Acrylic 12" X 36"

Rainbow parrotfish, French angel fish, stoplight parrotfish, scrawled filefish,  squirrel fish, endangered elkhorn coral and a school of sargeant majors from the Florida Keys

Shadow on the Reef- sold
Acrylic 12" X 36"
Featuring fish and invertebrates from Florida and the Caribbean Sea,

Hawksbill turtle,  queen triggerfish, four eyed butterfly fish, yellow tube sponge,

and elkhorn coral (endangered)

Shimmering Reef- sold
Acrylic 20" x 40"
Fish and invertebrates from the Western Pacific and Indian Ocean- Pacific sailfin tang, Picasso triggerfish, Banggai cardinalfish (school), false clown anemone fish, antler coral crown of thorns, beautiful feather star and granulated sea star. The use of metallic paints makes this one "shimmer."


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Coral Reef Series

After studying and doing an extensive amount of research, I tried to create the correct environment for the fish and invertebrates in this series.

I utilized actual scuba-diving movies  while painting in my studio to give the aura of swimming among the fish, at eye level  in their own environment.