Acrylic Painting Creations & Commissions

Palm Harbor, Florida

Creator of "Don't Drink Like a Fish"®  series of paintings

Private Collection- Murrel's Inlet, SC
Reef Rendevous

Private Collection ~ Naples, Florida
Traci's Scarlet Bouquet

Private collection -  Punta Gorda, FL

"Tropical Sojourn"

Ottley's Plantation in St. Kitts

Pet Portraits
Installation Day


Naples, Florida

"Mermaid's Year of the Horse"
Private collection -  Cape Coral, FL

You choose the style and colors if you wish -
I can work from your photographs,

or take my own if you are in Florida.

 Inquiries for pricing

Depending on size, prices range from
$200 - $5,000 

"Best Friend in Paris"

from my photograph

​​​travel paintings


I am happy to work with individuals, or through interior designers. My goal is to create a piece that is uniquely suited to your space, your taste and lifestyle.  On the larger, custom pieces, I set up a webpage (for your eyes only) and chronicle my progress. Input is valued, and your suggestions will be incorporated into your painting.  

Lena Mae Entering Hopetown Harbour
Private collection -  Sebring, FL
Private Collection


Bonita Springs, Florida

Private collection -  Murrell's Inlet, SC
Warm Sunset III


Florida Artist Linda Kegley

LK with new Art , and owner Jeanie at

Crazy Fish Restaurant in Lake Wales, FL