Acrylic Painting Creations & Commissions

Palm Harbor, Florida

Creator of

"Don't Drink Like a Fish"™  series of paintings

"Currents" - Naples, FL 

"Magical Beach Moment" 24x48 - SOLD

"Luminosity"-  24" x 48"   Sold

"Sailing"-  24" x 30"   Sold

"When creating abstract paintings, I paint from the inside out.  Although I make deliberate choices about color, technique, line and form, my subconscious is the guide. I never know what will evolve and I love the unknown outcomes and freedom the process of painting provides me."


"Go With the Flow" - Clermont, FL

"Captiva Currents"-Boynton Beach, FL

Naples, Fl, 

"Currents of Crystal Blue" 24x48,  - With its new family!

Coastal Currents, 40x60  SOLD

"Offshore Breeze" 24x48 - SOLD

"Warm Sunrise" -Murrell's Inlet, SC

Bonita Beach, FL 


Florida Artist Linda Kegley

"Currents of Crystal Blue" 24x48, - Hang either way - SOLD

Abstract Paintings

Sea Currents, 24x48  Available

​hang either way

At WildChild Gallery

​4625 Pine Island Road NW
Matlacha, Florida 33993

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The "Tears from Lake Okeechobee" 24x48

 hang either way - $625.

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"Vernal Equinox" 24x48, Hang either way


The remaining paintings are all SOLD, as most were commissions.

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