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Acrylic Painting Creations & Commissions

Palm Harbor, Florida

Creator of

"Don't Drink Like a Fish"®  series of paintings

Coming soon...New England ABC's

I have created a new series of paintings that are ABC themed. They are ABC's with State themes, featuring things specific to that state. So far I have created Florida, Kentucky and Texas.  Prints are available on canvas and paper in various sizes.

 Prints are available online, through LK Gallery on FINE ART AMERICA


Florida Artist Linda Kegley

"Florida ABCs"

 A-alligator, armadillo
B-beach ball, bathing suit, bee
C-cow, crab
D-dolphin, dragonfly
E- egret
F-frog, flower, fish, flamingo
G-golf bag, gecko, golf ball
H-heron, hermit crab
I-inchworm, ice cream
J-jellyfish, (scrub) jay
K-kite, key deer
L-lighthouse lobster
M-mouse, manatee, map
N-nurse shark
O-owl, oranges
P-pelican, palm tree, panther
Q-quail, quilt
R-raccoons, row boat
S-sailfish, seahorse,
     sandhill crane, snail
T-toad, tomato, turtle
U-umbrella, urchin
X- x-ray fish
                  Z-zebra longwing butterfly